Community Engagement Advocate Program

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The Community Engagement Advocate Program is a partnership between Portland Community College and Passion Impact.


We both have a goal to get more students engaged in their community, whether through Community Based Learning courses or work study positions or volunteering on and off-campus.

What’s Passion Impact’s process?

Students take on a journalistic perspective to volunteering after researching and choosing a nonprofit at which they believe fits their interests and passions best. They volunteer at their chosen organization 2 hours per week for 8-10 weeks. Students engage in group reflection each week and build a reflection project that will be presented to faculty members at the end of the semester. Students will also create a blog reflection as well as present their chosen nonprofit on XRAY Radio!

What’s PCC’s process?

Students will take their knowledge of community engagement alongside their training of Community Based Learning on PCC’s campus and table at their campus each week. In an effort to reach students in classrooms, they will engage in Class Raps where they will give 2-5 minutes presentations in classrooms on their campus.

What’s the result?

We envision an increase in attendance in Community Based Learning courses and Work Study positions; an increased passion from those students involved for community engagement through their passions; and increased awareness of how professors can engage with local nonprofits; and an increase in skills for those students involved.

Pinpointed Skills:

Time and Task Management

Want to become a CEA?

We’d love to have you. We will be accepting a new round of CEAs in March 2017. To Learn how to get involved, look for a CEA who is reaching out to students on your PCC campus.


This is a pilot program and will run through the Summer of 2017 at which point, we will assess the and enhance our goals and objectives.