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Fences for Fido

Mission:  The work of Fences For Fido is deeply rooted in making that kind of change between a dog and his family, but work does not end there. They create safer and improved conditions for chained dogs by providing shelter, veterinary care, and spay and neutering services when necessary. They work to educate familie on how to best care for their four-legged family members during the heat of the summer and the cold, wet winter months.

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Portland Ultimate Flying-disc Foundation (PUFF)

Mission:  To develop, grow, and promote the sport of ultimate, starting with the youngest players all the way up to seasoned veterans. 

Having volunteered with PUFF since Fall ’14, I have found much enjoyment in helping new players build their skills. To see kids and adults who have never thrown a disc in their life master skills and enjoy themselves as they become sucked into an truly supportive community, makes volunteering one of the best parts of my week. Youth League needs volunteer coaches to lead students to hone their skills and master strategy. The Youth League also is growing their PE and after-school SUN programs and needs volunteers to help run these classes. Skillz League Volunteers work with adults who have limited to no experience with ultimate frisbee. These volunteer teach the basic fundamentals and work up through basic strategy. These programs revolve solely around education and fun. That’s why being a volunteer is so exciting! Reach out for some more information on them.

Click here to see why Ultimate Frisbee should be a Middle School sport in Portland


Friends of Trees

Mission:  To bring people together to plant and care for city trees and green spaces in Pacific Northwest communities. 

All days are beautiful and sometimes a little rain makes them more meaningful. We planted 7 trees through inner SE Portland and thought that we were prepared for the rain. There was much more rain than we had anticipated, but after piling in a car with a bunch of wet people to move to the next spot and plant a tree, we all got a little closer. There is something magical about planting a tree that will hopefully live long past us. We don’t know who will enjoy it’s shade or who will use it as a marker to tell others where they live. What we do know is that the trees we planted were planted by a group of people who became friends and enjoyed the experience together. To have fun planting trees around Portland with your friends, reach out for some more information!

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DSC_0326_2 DSC_0298_2 DSC_0328_2


Rebuilding Center (Our United Villages)

Mission:  Inspiring people to value and discover existing resources to strengthen the social and environmental vitality of communities

We started our relationship with Rebuilding Center and Our United Villages almost as soon as we got to Portland. Their welcoming personalities and destructive volunteering opportunities help us build a community with Impactors and those new to Portland. In completing their orientation, we found that the Rebuilding Center is a holding area for a daily transaction of 8500 tons of materials. The money earned through sales goes towards the 40 employees and also toward the other programs by Our Community Villages. The Legacy Program is a free resource for sharing community-building stories, strategies, and ideas. An amazing group of people who want you to enjoy building communities. Want to help them? Reach out.

Click here to watch a video of theirs produced by Sean O'Connor


Bike Farm

Mission:  To provide a space where people can learn about the bicycle and build community around promoting sustainable transportation. We strive to demystify the bicycle in order to impact the city in a healthy and positive way.

I stumbled on this collective a few months before arriving in Portland and told myself that I would volunteer there. After arriving, I had forgot that I had researched them, and was having some problems with my bike. A friend suggested that I go check out Bike Farm. When I arrived, the research flooded back into my head and I instantly knew that I belonged there. As a non-hierarchical bike cooperative, they strive to teach community members how to fix their own bikes and use parts that have been recycled. If you love bikes, this is the place to volunteer. Reach out if you have any questions.

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Bike Farm peeps Bike farm


Community Warehouse

Mission:  To help vulnerable populations improve the quality of their lives and become self-sufficient by providing them with basic household furnishings.

Click here to their 2015 volunteer video


TSBVI Cover Photo

Texas School for the Blind and Visually Impaired (TSBVI)

Mission:  To be a leading center of educational expertise in Texas for students with visual impairments, their families, and the local and regional providers who work with them.To provide opportunities for children and youth who are visually impaired, including those with additional disabilities or deafblindness, to develop the skills necessary to lead vocationally, personally, and socially satisfying and productive lives.

TSBVI was first established in 1856 in Austin, Texas as the Blind School. There were 2 students enrolled their first year, but as the campus moved, it began garnering more respect and acknowledgement. For nearly the next 60 years, TSBVI was located next to where the Frank Erwin Parking lot resides currently. While there, it housed General Custer and his men during the Civil War and after vacated, the building provided J.J. Pickle and Don Yarborough residence as they were both the Presidents of their subsequent classes at University of Texas. We volunteered to help archive and preserve their history with the goal to establish an on campus museum. They need more help and would love if you reached out.

Click here to view TSBVI's volunteering opportunity


Open Ministry at United University Methodist Church (UUMC)

Mission (not explicit): to provide meals and a welcoming atmosphere to those who are less fortunate in the Austin downtown area

We posed a video on Reddit of one of volunteering experiences and received a response from a student named Saleh. He informed us of an awesome opportunity on the UT campus at UUMC. Our first experience was mother’s day and we could not have felt more helpful packaging lunches for Austin’s less fortunate. CL and Wanda have woken up at 4 am for for the past 5 years to help run the open ministry every week. They love everyone who shows up to enjoy morning. CL said to us that it is special to give attention to those who go unnoticed for most of the week and his positive affects on those people resonate with us. Reach out to volunteer your saturday mornings with them.       Judy Trejo (Volunteer scheduler) –

Click here to experience feeding the needy with us


American Youthworks

Mission: American YouthWorks is dedicated to empowering at-risk youth through education, service and green jobs training

We started volunteering with American Youthworks’ Bike Corpse on the Friday that we had originally intended to leave Austin. Thanks to Harvey requiring more work, we met some motivated students. As we fixed up bikes, the students spoke about how they realized how important education was, but not until after they dropped out of public school. Finding American Youthworks gave these students hope to follow a passion and learn practical trades. Volunteering is also a large part of their curriculum as they give back to those in their local community. We have been inspired by them and know that you will too!

     Hannah Acree (Volunteer Coordinator)

Click here to watch our experience with American Youthworks

Pease Park

Pease Park Conservancy

Mission: Dedicated to the rehabilitation, beautification, & support of Austin’s central city park for the enjoyment of Austin and future generations

We were invited to volunteer with an alumni chapter for James Madison University. When arriving, we received and an awesome Keep Austin Beautiful t-shirt and a gift card to Whole Earth Provisions. For 3.5 hours, we watered trees and spread mulch in preparation for Eeyore’s Birthday Celebration. We met people passionate about keeping the park beautiful. They have raised over $600k to help preserve the park and have over 10,000 volunteer hours logged. To be a part of this beautification, reach out!

     (512) 777-1632

Click here to watch our experience with Pease Park


La Mujer Obrera 

La Mujer Obrera

Mission:to develop and use our creative capacity to express the dignity and diversity of our Mexican heritage, from indigenous Mesoamerican roots to contemporary expressions, and to develop and celebrate our community through economic development, community building, community health and civic engagement.

Our experience with La Mujer Obrera stemmed from an evening encounter with Carolina. She told us about an organic garden that had been started with the purpose of revitalizing the native Mexican diet in order to deter local families from eating at fast food restaurants and shopping at gas stations. The garden is connected through the organization that has existed since 1981 and continues to help improve the lives of many in the El Paso valley.

Click here to watch La Mujer Obrera help influence the community



 Screen Shot 2014-07-06 at 1.56.18 AM

PHX Renews

Mission: to find temporary uses for these lots that will beautify the city while promoting sustainability and a sense of community.

While passing through Phoenix, Harvey broke down for a week. We wanted to make the most of our time there and our good friend Zac happened to know someone in the PHX Renews organization. He was able to help us set up a saturday volunteering opportunity where 5 of our friends came out and totalled 21.5 hours. We found out that that 43% of Phoenix is composed of vacant lots and through our volunteering, we were helping improve one of their 2 main sites. They help consult with other parts of the city, but are still a new organization. Please reach out to them and do your best to do your part in the community.

(602) 262-4820        Contact via Email

Click here to watch Phoenix Renews transform vacant downtown lots



Neighborhood Housing Services of Los Angeles

Mission: to serves as a catalyst for local residents, business and government representatives to work to together to build stronger neighborhoods, improve the quality of life for low to moderate income families of modest means and to revitalize communities into neighborhoods of choice. 

We gave NHS a call and asked Nyasha about their opportunities to help. It was obvious she was smiling on the other end of the phone. We confirmed our attendance at their event in East Inglewood. There were 9 of us total that showed up and helped paint a house, fences, and add a garden to a front yard. We had the opportunity to connect with the wonderful family who lived in the house. Parts of L.A. can have a negative stigma associated with the people who inhabit them, but we found through NHS that communities are stronger than ever and extremely welcoming. If you would like to give back to the L.A. community, reach out to Nyasha and NHS.

(888) 895-2647

Click here to watch NHS bring a community together


Mission: 1) to provide a safe haven for abused and abandoned domestic rabbits; and 2) to provide the public with any information necessary to reduce pet overpopulation, and ensure that the pet/guardian relationship provides a lifetime, loving home for the pet.

As important as it is to focus on bettering people, it is also important to help animals. PetSave hopped out at us as a unique way to give time to bunnies as well as support passionate bunny-lovers. We were tasked with cleaning the room and feeding the over 90 bunnies currently up for adoption. We took the chance to spend time and give them our love enjoying their squeal of excitement for bananas. If you are interested in helping these bunnies or helping the administration innovate ways to promote adoption, reach out to PetSave with the information below.

(310) 349-0310

Click here to watch PetSave's bunny sanctuary


Mission: to work toward the day every child in America enters school prepared to succeed.

Expecting to be in a quite room, we approached a fair where hundreds of children were enjoying the day outside with their family and friends. The mood was energetic as we walked across the lawn in front of the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County. Arriving at the JumpStart station, we were greeted by smiles, a free t-shirt, and an explanation of what we would be doing. For the next couple of hours we sat on the red carpets they provided and read with children. If this sounds like something you would love as much as we did, contact Rhea Trianes.

 (213) 387-5545

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