Internship Program

dsc_0314Our Internship Program is designed to give students the soft skills necessary to take on jobs outside our office. We encourage high school students to intern with us in the summer and college students to intern throughout the whole year.

The staff at Passion Impact have structured the organization such like a skeleton. Student interns play the part of creating the organs, muscles, and nerves and in doing so focus on building a community, their skills, and identifying their passions.

We require students to go through 2 weeks of training put on by the intern that formerly held their position. This requires student interns to build a portfolio by the end of their internship that connects all of the moving parts and allows for new interns to take over exactly where they left off – and add a spin of personality to the new position.

Since May of 2016, 8 students have engaged in 6 different positions representing the following list of schools: Franklin High School, Portland State University, Marist College, Villanova University, & University of Puget Sound.

Because, of our Partnership with PCC, we are fortunate to receive a hefty discount on Work Study Students and therefore highly encourage PCC Students to apply! We also support student interns from Portland State University through Work Study and welcome any other students from around the city, state, nation and world to apply.

What internships are currently open?


“My experience at Passion Impact went extraordinary well. [It is a] positive working environment along with a fantastic team. I really enjoyed working at Passion Impact because it fulfills greatness. Being at Passion Impact the past summer helped me become a critical thinker and become familiar with the professional world. I experienced some significant improvements with communication skills during [my time] at Passion Impact. Productivity is directly proportional to individual engagement, this is my major take-away.”

Alan being Alan

Alan Liu
Grant Writing Intern
Summer ’16
Franklin High School Senior


We are continuing to enhance our Internship Program based on student and nonprofit feedback. This feedback will help us refine our curriculum as we focus on the top 10 most pressing soft skills on which employers are keen


“Having the opportunity to work with PI has been fun and beneficial because I’ve learned many skills from the work I’ve done so far. Being able to apply those skills in school, work and in life can really be helpful to what I do in the near future for my career.”


Jessica Lam
Nonprofit Training Intern
Summer, Fall, & Winter ’16
PSU Freshman