Nonprofit Training Program


Why do we have this program?

Considering we are still a start-up nonprofit, we recognize that many of the programs that we are building will bring about solutions and also new problems. In implementing our first few Volunteer Fairs, we began to realize that nonprofits don’t always know how to work best with high school students.

Jessica Lam is a current PSU Freshman and former Franklin High School student. Since the 2016 Summer, she has been building our Nonprofit Training Program. She has met with multiple students and nonprofits who have and have not attended our Volunteer Fairs to understand what is needed to better connect the two.

How do the trainings work? 


Nonprofits who attend Volunteer Fairs will be required to attend a Nonprofit Training before hand in order to know what is expected of them. It is a maximum two hour training that incorporates not only an information session, but also discussion and role play. It’s also important to Jessica to make these trainings fun and enjoyable so that nonprofits can connect and collaborate with one another.

Jessica is excited and determined to continually enhance her trainings because this program is helping her practice skills about which she is passionate.

What is the result?

Jessica wants nonprofits to have a better understanding of how to approach, communicate, and partner with students in chasing their passions. She envisions nonprofits acting on this training to implement more engaging volunteer opportunities that help them achieve their missions better while generating an increase in student retention and impact.


Want to chat with Jessica? Email her at and ask about her day.