Volunteer Fair Program

Passion Impact Volunteer Fairs enable our mission by first connecting students with nonprofits. One of the biggest problems we have found is that students don’t always know how or where to start when it comes to volunteering. We focus on serving low-income students at Portland Public School’s SUN schools and PCC campuses. By encouraging nonprofits to visit with students at the their schools, we are helping connect them on a fundamental, face-to-face level.

Since starting this program, students have taken on many of the responsibilities of planning, implementing, evaluating, and redesigning the fairs. After being elected to positions of leadership by their fellow teammates, leaders complete the following steps:

  1. Attend the Summer Leadership Training for a solid week (retreat included)
  2. Plan the fall Volunteer Fair
  3. Recruit the rest of their team
  4. Train their team
  5. Finalize the fall Volunteer Fair framework
  6. Present to a panel of community members
  7. Plan the Volunteer Fair
  8. Execute the Volunteer Fair
  9. Evaluate the Volunteer Fair
  10. Evaluate the impact on the community
  11. Repeat steps 5-10 for the spring Volunteer Fair

To date, Passion Impact students have hosted 8 Volunteer Fairs in total at the following schools: Franklin High School, Grant High School, Merlo Station High School, Portland Community College SE. We look forward to our continued partnerships with PPS SUN Schools and PCC to support low-income students!