Xplore and Ignite


Students don’t know how or where to look for volunteer opportunities.
First day


Assist students in teaching other students the basics of volunteering.

How it works

Students will teach once a week, every tuesday for a month during the SUN after school program at Franklin High School. 

Day 1: Where to start

  • Sign up for volunteer resources online

Day 2: Event Planning

  • Commit to a volunteer opportunity

Day 3: Vocation

  • Create a LinkedIn profile
  • Practice professional emails

Day 4: Why?

  • Reflect and understand how this program and volunteering will benefit your future.


  1. Well first off, we will have fruit snacks at each meeting.
  2. Master one, if not all CRLE requirements.
  3. Become an expert of finding volunteer opportunities.
  4. Gain volunteer hours for graduation requirements.
  5. Create LinkedIn profile.
  6. Learn professional email techniques.
  7. Work with other students to powerfully express your voice, opinions, and passions.
  8. Receive Passion Impact T-Shirt.
  9. Become involved with Passion Impact and possible internships opportunities