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dsc_0314Our Internship Program is designed to give students top employer soft skills and the understanding of an job at a start-up company.

Students from local colleges and universities intern in a position that gives them greater power and autonomy than traditional internships. PI is partnered with PCC and PSU through federal work study programming and also works with students from UP to engage students in for-credit opportunities. With the program just over a year old, 11 students have completed an internship which has totaled: 9 credits earned, $5000 in grant funding, 10 recommendations, and over 700 hours of building internal positions.

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“Having the opportunity to work with PI has been fun and beneficial because I’ve learned many skills from the work I’ve done so far. Being able to apply those skills in school, work and in life can really be helpful to what I do in the near future for my career.”


Jessica Lam
Nonprofit Training Intern
Summer, Fall, & Winter ’16
PSU Freshman

“I really enjoyed working at Passion Impact because it fulfills greatness. Being at Passion Impact the past summer helped me become a critical thinker and become familiar with the professional world…Productivity is directly proportional to individual engagement, this is my major take-away.”

Alan being Alan

Alan Liu
Grant Writing Intern
Summer ’16
Franklin High School Senior


The next series of internships will be open starting December 15 and run through January 31 or until all positions are filled.

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