Passion Impact programs are centralized around Volunteer Fairs with those being our most important and vastly impactful modes of connecting with students. Each supporting program feeds into Volunteer Fairs with the goal to improve the overall experience and objectives met. Take a look at how we are approaching our vision of empowering students to getting all students engaged in their community.

Passion Impact Volunteer Fairs

Volunteer Fairs have become popular with students, nonprofits, and administration alike. Students are now planning these and hosting them at their high schools. We customized our Merlo Station High School Volunteer Fair and are currently evaluating it’s progress

Internship Program

Our Internship Program is developing along with the expanding impact of the interns. All composed of students, we are focusing on empowering students to build Passion Impact in ways that allow them to own their programs and build skills along the way.

Community Engagement Advocate Program

The Community Engagement Advocate Program is a partnership between Passion Impact at Portland Community College in an effort to bring to light opportunities for community engagement. This program focuses on taking a journalistic perspective to volunteering in order to disseminate pertinent information for students and professors alike. The base of this program was designed by Libby Swett, a Summer ’16 Intern!